The Professional Bowhunters Society held their Biennial Gathering in Seattle in late March of this year. This was the second time that there was an arrow making contest for PBS members. Since the first contest in Charlotte two years ago, the competition level has increased significantly. Arrows submitted by members this year were absolute works of art. Members were not satisfied with four-pointed foots and hardwood reinforced self nocks. The arrows at this year’s gathering included exotic feathers, nocks made from horn and ivory, intricate inlays of exotic woods, brass inlays, and custom-made Damascus steel broadheads.

The Peoples Choice Award was won by "Hatchet" Jack Keener with his "Kukulcan Coral", the name inspired by a Mayan Diety. This arrow was a crooked shaft finished with a coral snake skin and a knapped head. It is truly a work of art. This arrow was one of three submitted by Jack. Another arrow featured the head of a snake holding a knapped head in its mouth

"Hatchet" Jack Keener's "Kukulcan Coral"

For those who were not able to attend here is a small sample of the arrows that demonstrate some of the arrow making and artistic talents of the PBS members:


The 3 arrow category was won by Bob Burton of Whispering Wind Arrows. His entry of 3 beautiful and perfectly matched arrows won the judges vote for the most exacting entry.


Raw Arrow Materials
Weight and Spine
Straightening Wood Shafts
Tapering Tools
Nock Alignment
Aneline Dyes
Feathers - Wing Choice
Feathers continued..
Splicing Feathers
Arrow Finishes - Part I
Arrow Finishes - Part II Bohning Paints
Arrow Finishes Part III - Other finishes
Cresting - Part 1
Cresting Part II
PBS Arrow Building Contest 
Finishing Wild Turkey Feathers
Homemade Cresting Machine
Marble Dip
Self Nocks

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