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Archery Collecting

With Gene Hopkins

About Gene Hopkins

I got to know Gene by his work with the Indiana Bowhunters Association. After a couple times on the phone, it was clear to me that Gene's love and knowledge of collecting bits of our Archery History was equaled only be a handful of people across the country. That notion, and my own curiosity about collecting was fostered by Gene and his friend Ron Sherer, a Lion Guide from Idaho. I have since started my own small collection and was eager to learn more. I asked Gene to write the column for The Stickbow as a way for Collectors to meet and use the internet for trading, and a way for novices, like myself, to learn from the experts.

Beginning a collection of archery memorabilia is an absolutely fantastic adventure. You can expect a thrill that almost (I said almost) rivals that of a big whitetail buck when you spot your first Grumley bow or hold your first Art Young Signature broadhead in your hand. But just as in bowhunting, don’t expect your quest to be easy. You will need to hunt just as hard to find trophy collectibles as you do to hunt a trophy animal. Don’t forget that a trophy is in the eyes of the beholder, and that the patient, persistant hunter is usually the hunter with the best success rates!

 Gene Hopkins with arrows

Gene Hopkins with part of his arrow collection

If you have any questions about this subject, or would just like to talk about archery collecting, you can email me at or call (812) 342-3675 after 6pm. Best of luck to you!