Dave Windauer and Paul Schafer elk hunting - 1989

 About Schafer Silvertip Recurves


Paul Schafer, considered by many to be the world s greatest bowhunter and one of the finest bowyers of modern times, always had his shop open to youngsters. It was in Paul's shop that I learned the art of bow making. Before his tragic death, we had become close friends and Paul was my mentor for seven years, coaching me in bow hunting as well as bow making. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to become not only a close friend but also a close co-worker with whom he shared his secrets freely.

When rifle hunting lost its challenge for teenager Paul Schafer, his analytical nature led him to develop the Silvertip, named after his first and only Silvertip taken back in 1974. Though the bow has gone through significant changes over the past 25 years, it has continually proven itself in field tests from frozen tundra to the African and Sonoran deserts. Silvertips have taken Alaskan brown bears, grizzlies, African lion, cape buffalo, and practically all game animals in between.

The Schafer Silvertip is a hunter's bow, designed for speed, smoothness and stability. It has a quiet, forgiving design which is favorable in all hunting conditions. You can expect the same level of excellence to continue in each Silvertip, along with innovative change in all my products. Every bow leaves the shop with an eye for beauty, excellence and love of the hunt, in tribute to Paul and in commitment to you, the Bowhunter.

Paul Schafer was one of the most ethical hunters to walk a forest path or mountain ridge. He knew we have a responsibility to the game we hunt and the kill must be quick and clean. A keen edged broadhead and arrow delivered from a powerful and highly tuned bow like the Silvertip helps you, the hunter, uphold this ultimate responsibility.

I build one take-down model offered in 58"-64" lengths. Each Silvertip is unique in design by allowing the customer to specify the combination of woods / materials to be used. Having this option creates a truly"custom" product from tip to tip and gives you the opportunity to create the bow of your dreams. The bows can be as basic or as elaborate as you wish. There are many beautiful woods to work with, unfortunately I can't show them all. I have pictured several of the most common exotic woods used, however you are not limited only to those pictured in this brochure. I am willing to use any wood providing it is a suitable material to work with.



Dave Windauer - Bowyer with Wolverine