Glossary of Traditional Terms

Actionwood: A limb core material made form laminated hard rock maple, where the laminations run perpendicular to the limb face and back

Alignment: The position of the bowstring relative to the centerline of both limbs. When the limbs are aligned the bowstring follows the centerline of both limbs.

Anchor: The point at which the archers bow hand comes to rest when the arrow is fully drawn.

Armguard: A leather or plastic pad to protect the arm from the slap of the bowstring.

Arrowshelf: The ledge at the base of the sight window where the arrow rests.

Back: The front, or outer surface of the bow; the surface facing the target.

Backing: The reinforcing material bonded to the front surface of the bow; this is usually fiberglass on modern laminated bows.

Backset: A longbow design where unbraced limbs angle backward, away from the shooter.

Belly: The side of the bow facing the archer

Billet: A short piece of wood that will be used to make a bow limb, or half of a bow spliced at the handle.

Bow form: A wooden or metal form used to press laminated bow composites into a specific shape.

Bow length: The length of a bow, commonly measured from nock to nock along the back of the bow.

Bow stringer: A device which aids the archer in stringing and unstringing his bow.

Bow weight: The number of pounds of energy required to pull a 28-inch arrow in a given bow.

Bowyer: One who makes bows.

Brace: A strung bow is braced. To brace a bow is to string it.

Brace Height: The distance between the braced bowstring and the low point of the belly of the grip.

Broadhead: A sharpened steel arrow point with one or more blades used in bowhunting.

Brushbuttons: A rubber button placed on the bowstring where the string touches the belly of the bow, to prevent brush from getting caught between the bowstring and the limb. They are used only on recurves.

Cast: A bows cast is its capacity to propel an arrow; the better the cast the faster the arrow and the flatter its trajectory.

Center -shot: The cut out section in the bows upper limb just above the grip. In a full center-shot bow, the drawn arrow points straight ahead, instead of being angled to one side.

Core thickness: The thickness of a laminated limbs core materials measured at the butt end.

Cresting: The painted bands on the arrow shaft, just forward of the fletching.

Crown dipping: The dipping application of paint on the feathered end of an arrow shaft.

Crowned: The peaked or rounded profile of an arrow shelf designed to enhance arrow flight.

Deflex: A deflex bows limbs, at the fadeouts, angle toward the shooter.

Deflex-reflex: A design where the unbraced limbs deflex forward toward the shooter then reverse attitude, reflexing backward away from the shooter.

Draw weight: The same as bow weight.

Face: Same as the belly

Fadeout: the tapered feathered end of the riser enveloped by the limb composites.

Fistmele: An ancient term for brace height.

Fletching: The feathers or plastic vanes on an arrow.

Gap shooting: An aiming technique.

Handle: Same as riser.

Ishi: The last surviving Yana Indian. He was discovered by Dr. Saxon Pope and influenced Dr. Popes archery interest.

Laminations: The layers of laminated bow limb. Usually consist of wood and fiberglass.

Limb length, working: The measurement from the end of the fadeout to the string nock along the back.

Nock: The grooved portion on the arrows rear end; to nock an arrow is to place it on the bowstring. Also, on the bow, the grooves on both ends, into which the bowstring loops are placed.

Paradox: Paradox is the tendency of an arrow to fly straight ahead, although it is pointed to one side on the bow. This is accomplished by a series of diminishing bends of the shaft, which ultimately straightens out in flight.

Point of Aim: A spo

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